Monday, December 10, 2012

These Stupid Stamp Graphics Drive me Crazy! [solved]

I have a thing for stamps. They communicate a lot of information about what was done with a document in just a glance. I really like the "scanned" stamp since I try to scan everything using my Fujitsu ScanSnap. If I see that stamp on the page, I know that the document is scanned and available to everyone in the office. If I don't see it, I know that the document needs to be processed.

You know what I hate? These graphics that they put on my stamps. They look like this, which is to say, really stupid:

Why in God's Name do they put these stupid images on my stamps?
But don't worry, I fixed it and you can too. Take a piece of tape and put it over that awful graphic. Here's a picture of how that looks:

Try putting that cute graphic on my paperwork now Mr. Stamp!
Now when you stamp something, the tape acts like the the fourth amendment except that the tape actually prevents something ridiculous from geting into the courtroom:

That's a relief.
There you have it, problem solved. The stamp gets the point across but doesn't make you almost lose your mind every time you see a poorly rendered drawing of a flatbed scanner from the 90s:
Just looking at that thing makes you feel obsolete
So best of luck people. I hope you follow these steps and improve your workflow. I am interested to hear if you have success implementing this strategy into your own practice. Share in the comments or on Google+ or Twitter.

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