Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Federal Drug Charge for Robert Evon, Former Port City Music Hall Owner

Robert Evon, the former owner of Portland's Port City Music Hall, has been indicted on Federal Cocaine Trafficking charges. The Indictment comes from the Northern district of New York and alleges a single count of violating 21 USC § 846 by conspiring to possess and to distribute powder cocaine, in violation of 21 USC § 841(a)(1). The Government also alleges that the conspiracy involved 5 kilograms or more triggering a mandatory minimum 10 year prison sentence. The maximum sentence is life.

Arrested in Maine, Taken to Syracuse

Evon was arrested in Maine on the New York Federal warrant on 7/31/13. He appeared before Portland Federal Magistrate Judge John Rich that day and was then scheduled for a Rule 5 hearing or initial appearance for 8/7/13. Evon appeared for that hearing in custody and executed a waiver of his right to have the rule 5 hearing in Maine. He was therefore ordered committed to the Northern District of New York.

In New York, Evon retained Attorney Kenneth Moynihan. He was arraigned in the Syracuse Federal District Court on 8/30/13 and pled not guilty. The US attorney has requested that Mr. Evon be detained pending trial but Evon wants to be bailed out. He has requested a detention hearing which is set for 9/4/13. Since he is facing a 10 year minimum sentence, bail is no sure thing.

[UPDATE: Read my newer post: Bail was denied, and more details emerged at the detention hearing.]

NY Federal Charges Lien Portland Real Estate 

As part of the indictment, the prosecution seeks forfeiture of $2,340,000 somehow connected to the conspiracy. If the cash is not available, the prosecution seeks forfeiture of the Evon residence at 374 Spring St in Portland Maine. The government's lien was recorded against the property on 8/1/13. The Spring Street residence has been held by Robert Evon and his wife since 2008 and has a tax valuation of $575,000.

Robert Evon, indicted for Federal Drug Trafficking once fished with Linda Greenlaw
Robert Evon, in orange, with Linda Greenlaw and a big fish.
Picture is from the PPH Article
Robert Evon has been something of an entrepreneur in Portland for some years. Before selling the Port City Music Hall, he was part of a charter fishing venture which gave clients the chance to fish for bluefin tuna with Linda Greenlaw. He sold the Port City Music Hall sometime in the spring of 2013 as described in this Portland Press Herald Article. The indictment currently does not name co-conspirators or a specific location of the conspiracy and alleges conduct from 2/21/13 to 2/22/13. This is odd since most Federal conspiracy indictments allege conduct over a long period and name multiple defendants. It appears that Evon is the only person charged at this time.

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