Tuesday, October 8, 2013

David Jones and Former Attorney Implicated in Federal Drug Trafficking

David Jones, AKA Dave Kaos, of Portland Maine was arrested late last week on a federal drug trafficking charge. The complaint alleges a single count of conspiracy to distribute 100 kg or more of marijuana. He faces up to 40 years in prison.

The complaint charges that David Jones traveled to California where he had several sources of supply for large amounts of marijuana. At some point it seems that he dealt with California based family members involved in the wholesale marijuana trade. After purchasing marijuana in California, Jones then used the United States Postal Service to ship thousands of pounds of marijuana across the country.

The most remarkable part of the case is not the amount of drugs involved, though that is impressive. The affidavit alleges that Jones conspired with a local attorney to launder "several hundred thousand dollars" that were presumably the proceeds of his drug enterprise.

Who is David Jones' Attorney?

The attorney is not named in the complaint and the information has not been published elsewhere. It appears that the attorney may be cooperating with the investigation since U.S. DEA agent Paul Wolf alleges in his affidavit that authorities got a copy of some documents from the attorney as part of the investigation. Then again, the language I am referring to reads: "Law enforcement obtained a copy of that letter from the attorney as part of the investigation." So it might just mean that they got the letter the attorney sent from some other source. The drafting leaves a bit to be desired.

There's a good piece about the case over the Portland press Herald by +Scott Dolan 
You can read the complaint here

The Synopsis is here

Thats all I know for now. Other shoe to drop soon. Stay tuned for updates. XOXO

Update: Jones plead guilty December 10, 2013 and is scheduled for sentencing May 8, 2014. The previously un-named attorney is Gary Prolman. Check out my post here about that situation.

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